Who We Are

Sylvie BERL – CEO

Sylvie brings a wealth of experience as an associate professor of linguistics and chief engineer at Digora. With a PhD in Language Sciences and post-graduate degree in Information Technology, our CEO is equally at ease with the technical as well as creative applications of software systems. An active and enthusiastic traveler, Sylvie has a naturally adventurous spirit and a need for new discoveries and challenges.

Volker BERL – CFO

Volker manages SyncEvolution’s financial strategy. A consumate businessman, Volker’s know-how stems from over 14 years of executive experience at BASF, SmithKline Beecham, Deutsche Bank and Zymes. His network of contacts and friends runs from established financial institutions to Silicon Valley start-ups. Volker has a need for speed and enjoys riding jet-skis and fast cars. In his quieter moments he relaxes by playing the piano and enjoys Chopin, Rachmaninov and Liszt.

Frédéric GEGOUX – Head Architect

Frédéric is the technical drive behind SyncEvolution. Previously a networking and telecommunications engineer, Fred has a passion for anything electronic and technical, and spends his spare time in his laboratory building circuit boards. When he can be dragged away from technology matters, Fred is a keen mountain biker and cinema fanatic.

Naude MALOUNGUILA – Information Architect

Naude specializes in all aspects of Internet and .Net technologies for SyncEvolution. Always on the lookout for changes in the ever-evolving web standards and new programming paradigms, Naude ensures SyncEvolution is always on top of the latest technical developments. Naude collects Japanese Manga comix and Anime cartoons, especially Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Ball-Z. He is also a passionate FC Barcelona supporter and a loving father.

Roland LÖFFLER – Business Dev.

Roland advises SyncEvolution on the future development and business strategy. Already a founder of an Internet company, Roland specializes in web development, IT systems management and internet law. A keen waterpolo player, Roland is naturally driven and competitive. He is also a fan of basketball and most particularly of the team BG Karlsruhe. He is the father of two children.