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Your in-house document-sharing and change-syncing tool Arrow Arrow Arrow
Your team members share documents and changes that are synced while you work, automatically or on demand Arrow Arrow Arrow
Advanced Sync technology works with any type of Windows-compatible file Arrow Arrow Arrow
Helps businesses small, medium and large save time and bandwidth Arrow Arrow Arrow
Gives you the advantages of a document management server without additional infrastructure or network administration Arrow Arrow
Runs 24/7/365: All files are kept up-to-date, always, saved on your machines Arrow Arrow
Runs as a service, not tied to a user’s session; set it and forget it Arrow Arrow
Meeting Point™ provides centralized management and monitoring of your eDocSync network of users Arrow
Strict privacy: Users connect and share with your team only, with users you have selected only Arrow
Easily integrates into your internal system — whatever it is Arrow
Never compromise your business systems security. eDocSync controls all data exchanges — internal and external — through all industry-standard firewalls or within a DMZ architectures. Arrow

Not sure which platform is right for your business? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll help you start saving time, money and document sharing headaches today! 1-646-481-2972 or info@syncevolution.com.

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