You’re About to Change the Way Your Team Works

eDocSync is an in-house document sharing tool that allows you and your team to work on documents from anywhere, while always editing the most up-to-date copy.  Learn more about how eDocSync makes life easier..

eDocSync Recommended. Typical PC Setup.
Quickest, easiest installation. Share/Sync files instantly with any number of PCs. eDocSync runs whenever you’re online.

Free Download
PC Only Currently

eDocSync Server 24/7 Synchronization
Install on your internal computer (server) to enable 24/7 sharing/syncing, like Dropbox®, but without big brother.

PC Only Currently

eDocSync Web Platform & Location Independence
Access your files from any connected computer, smartphone or tablet. Included w/ Server Version
eDocSync iPhone / iPad App Mobile Access Anywhere
Access your files from any iOs device. Full iPhone, iPad support.
eDocSync Meeting Point Absolute Privacy.
No one, but no one syncs your files, only you. Dropbox & Google Drive; eat your heart out. Everything; your server, your machines, your connection is managed internally. We help you install, everything runs on it’s own, in your network.


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