Secure In-House Cloud

Don’t sync your private data w/ Google, Dropbox (or Us!)

The wonder of Google Drive & Dropbox comes in the ease of use, and accessibility, anywhere.  But the problem: Security & Privacy.  You want to work on your documents from anywhere but you don’t want to share every piece of information with another company.

This is why we’ve created eDocSync.

eDocSync is an in-house document sharing tool that allows you and your team to work on documents from anywhere, while always editing the most up-to-date copy.


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Work on the same files simultaneously & securely


eDocSync makes it simple to collaborate and share files with co-workers, suppliers, clients, partners, & friends.

Work simultaneously with Private File Sync

Stop Emailing Files and Docs!

  • You'll save time every week! You’ll be amazed at how much time and money eDocSync will save your organization over the course of a year!
  • Reduces confusion, lost attachments and inconsistent file naming.
Stop emailing and let eDocsync securely sync your files

Automatic Conflict Detection

  • Never lose your changes again! eDocSync automatically syncs files and documents, and lets you know if someone else has changed the file and lets you decide how to merge these changes.
Detect Conflicts via secured file sync and private file sharing

Automatic merging

  • When working for Word and Open Office Docs
Automatic merging, when working for word and open office docs.

Oh No! Where’s my change?

  • No Lost Docs! Need to see what you had modified last week? Want to compare all the team versions of your document? You can compare or restore older versions with just one click. And changes of each team member are shown visually.
Save revisions securly and private via private file sync and sharing

Your own private cloud

Everything is saved on-site — in your network, on your server

You are in control! Unlike other document sharing software, eDocSync saves files within your internal server or computer.

Your own Private Cloud, that syncs files securely to your team

Who can collaborate?

3 Levels of User Access

  • Manage access rights of every single document, folder or workspace, or simply set default rights.
Control Access Rights

Assign Moderators to Manage Users

  • Delegate moderator rights of a workgroup to the team lead / project manager.
  • You are the gatekeeper – manage exactly who has access, and what they can do.

Collaborate with Vendors, Clients and More…

  • Collaborate outside of your team: Invite suppliers, vendors, and clients to work with you.
Collaboration via private and secure file sync

Private, secure workspaces for clients, coworkers and more:

  • Create unlimited workspaces and team members; choosing between 3 levels of confidentiality (normal, regulated and confidential).


Safe and Securely Share & Sync Files

  • Your documents don’t float in a cloud. You control who sees your documents stored within your system which is encrypted and safe.
  • Benefit from AES encryption (256 bits) for transmission and exchange of all your documents and data. Plus, communication between peers uses public / private key (RSA 1024 bits).
Safe, Private and Secure Cloud Security

Web Version: Access Anywhere

New, web-based eDocSync allows you to access your files from any computer in the world with an internet connection.

Control Access Rights

iPhone & iPad App

Compatible w/ all latest versions of iOs. Access, view and edit documents on the go.

Safe, happy documents

For Windows

Same benefits, less cost than Sharepoint, Dropbox for Teams and most enterprise solutions

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Free 30 day Trial!