Meeting Point

eDocSync ProFor all projects involving increased teamwork and collaborative interaction, eDocSync offers enhanced security and complete data confidentiality.

The eDocSync solution also includes optional components to communicate and monitor information exchanges through industry-standard firewalls and DMZ architectures. The eDocSync ‘Meeting Point’ is a gateway solution allowing access to an internal eDocSync network for remote eDocSync users without compromising on your business systems security.

  • Centralized management of the access to the eDocSync network.
  • Monitoring of all data exchanges.
  • Integrates easily into your network, whatever it is.

eDocSync integrates seamlessly with SyncEvolution’s eDocSync Meeting Point module allowing each company to benefit from a suite of products and services perfectly structured and optimized for a powerful and flexible professional use. Our solution allows you to effectively and easily manage and control all data exchanges within your eDocSync network, whether your users are inside or outside of your enterprise network.