Private, Secure File Sharing

eDocSync makes it simple to privately collaborate and share files securely with co-workers, suppliers, clients, partners, & friends.

  • Everyone has the most up-to-date copy of all privately shared files.
  • Shared documents are securely synced as you work—automatically or on demand.



 Stop Emailing Files and Docs! Start File Sharing Securely!

  • You’ll save time every week! You’ll be amazed at how much time and money eDocSync will save your organization over the course of a year!
  • Reduces confusion, lost attachments and inconsistent file naming.
  • Increases security



File Sharing Security / privacy

  • Your documents don’t float in a cloud. You control who sees your documents and what file’s are shared within your system which is encrypted and safe.
  • Benefit from AES encryption (256 bits) for transmission and exchange of all your documents and data. Plus, communication between peers uses public / private key (RSA 1024 bits).


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Safe, happy documents

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Same benefits, less cost than Sharepoint, Dropbox for Teams and most enterprise solutions

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