Share w/ PCs
Quickest, easiest installation – Share/Sync files instantly with any number of PCs. eDocSync runs whenever you’re online.
24/7 Synchronization
Install on your internal computer (server) to enable 24/7 sharing/syncing, like Dropbox, but without big brother.
Web + Mobile
Access Anywhere
Access your files from any connected computer, smartphone or tablet. Full iPhone, iPad support.
Absolute Privacy.No one, but no one syncs your files, only you. Dropbox & Google Drive – eat your heart out. Everything; your server, your machines, your connection is managed internally. We help you install, everything runs on it’s own, in your network.
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Share files with the ease of dropbox or google drive but without the big brother. Stop sharing your files with Google/Dropbox. Arrow Arrow Arrow
Files are saved locally, on your machines or servers only. Arrow Arrow Arrow
Benefit from AES encryption (256 bits) for transmission and exchange of all your documents and data. Plus, communication between peers uses public/private key (RSA 1024 bits). More Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow
Powerful access control: Control all data exchanges, user bandwidth, ports used & more — internal and external — through all industry-standard firewalls or within a DMZ architectures. More Arrow


Unlimited Users – (WHAT??! Did I read that right? Yes you did.) Arrow Arrow Arrow
Collaborate w/ co-workers, vendors, clients & more! Arrow Arrow Arrow
Your team is always working on the latest copy. Files are synced automatically (or manually) as you work. Arrow Arrow Arrow
Runs 24/7: Set it and forget it! Arrow Arrow
Web App & iOS Access: New, web-based eDocSync allows you to access your files from any computer in the world with an internet connection. Arrow Arrow
Online or offline document access. Arrow Arrow Arrow


Need to find or go back to a previous version ! Easy – consult and edit each previous version of a same document. Arrow Arrow Arrow
You made changes to a file on Dropbox and someone else overwrote it! Not anymore – eDocSync helps you recover your changes thanks to the automatic merge of Word & Open Office Documents! Learn more Arrow Arrow Arrow


eDocSync works well with teams as large as 2000+ users and small firms of 3 users. Unlimited additional users. Arrow Arrow Arrow


With eDocSync Workspaces you can setup teams for specific folders, manage who moderates that Workspace, and what rights the team members have (Read, Write, Add, Delete). Arrow Arrow Arrow

Not sure which platform is right for your business? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll help you start saving time, money and document sharing headaches today! +33 (0)9 70 44 46 06 or info@syncevolution.com.

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